Blissful India contestants get communication tips from celebrity coach Pranita Akotkar


Miss and Mrs. Blissful India 2021, happening on 14th August, is a National level beauty pageant. Blissful India organized online auditions and has received all India participation for this event.

Former RJ of Radio Mirchi and celebrity anchor, Pranita Akotkar, is one of the jury members for auditions of this event. Pranita, who comes from a small town in Maharashtra, has successfully overcome several obstacles and has now taken up coaching so as to give back to the people the learnings that she has had in her eventful life. Even in the pandemic, she has coached people from 10 countries. She plans to take her coaching to the small towns of India from where she began once and give the benefits to the people staying there. As an audition jury member, Pranita has conducted the auditions, checked the preparedness of the participants, given them communication tips and guided them on various aspects.


Sushmita Jha, the organizer, has also put in amazing efforts to ensure smooth conduct of a physical event after a considerable gap of time, keeping in mind the Covid protocol.


The finale for this event is happening on 14th August at Radisson Blu Mumbai. We can see a new level of energy and enthusiasm among the contestants who are getting to participate in an event of this nature after a long time.


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